UC Davis Picnic Day- Aspire Fashion Show

Yesterday I was invited by Lisa Lo to photograph at the UC Davis Picnic Day Aspire Fashion Show.  This show was very well ran and was very organized.  This was my fifth time covering a fashion show.  Usually I like to roam around and cover the runway at different angles.  Yesterday I tried something different and stayed at the main pit and covered the end of the runway shots.  Here are some of the shots I got from yesterday from the morning show:

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Bikes of Sacramento

I used to dread walking around Sacramento to do street photography.  My friend Gary and I would walk for hours and I would come away with only a few keepers.  I’m in good company so the walks aren’t as bad, but the problem is that I expect to get results like when I walk around San Francisco.  So instead of being disappointed in my lack of results, I decided to find something to focus on.  I used to bike a lot, so I wanted to focus on cyclists.

Focusing on cyclists means also capturing movement.  Panning is my favorite photography technique.  It takes a lot of practice and you’re more than likely to miss focus on a lot of shots, but it’s so rewarding when you nail focus.  With this technique, you have get a good feel of the pace of the subject.

For panning, my preference on shutter speed is about 1/15th when lighting permits.  Aperture and ISO depends on the time of day you’re shooting.  The main thing I focus on is shutter speed because it controls the motion blur.

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For 2017, I wanted to challenge myself with my street photography.  Looking at my photos, I noticed there are several shots I usually go for while out on the street.  It’s starts to be a routine or I get disappointed in not being able to get the shots I usually go for.  Another problem I have is that I tend to pack a lot of equipment with me when I’m out walking the streets.  I usually bring my Fuji X-Pro 2 with three lenses and also my Ricoh GR.  All this equipment in my bag is overkill but I bring them anyways.  I feel compelled to use all of my lenses, even though most of the time one is all I need.  These are my babies and I shouldn’t neglect my babies right?


So, my plan for 2017 is to just use one camera and one lens for each month.  After each month, I will either change camera or lenses.  I think simplifying my kit will allow me to just create and not worry about having to shoot with this lens or that camera.   I won’t have to carry a bagful of lenses anymore.  Simplifying my kit will also force me to take a different approach from what I’m used to.


To start the  year off, I will go with I’m most familiar with, the Fuji X-Pro 2 with 23mm lens.  This is the focal range I’m most used to using for street.  These shots were taken with this setup.  For more of my work, follow me on Instagram (@hhhuynh) http://www.instagram.com/hhhuynh.


Starting 2017 off the right way

To start off the New Year, my wife and I decided to go hiking at Pena Adobe in Vacaville, CA.  We invited our good friends Gary and Jennifer to come along too.  We just recently shot their engagement photos there and wanted to explore it some more.  Nowadays, everywhere I go my camera comes with.  Here are some photos from yesterday’s hike. 

Sacramento Street Walks

I’ve lived in Sacramento for most of my life. I was born in Longview, WA but moved to Sacramento eight months after I was born.  Before picking up photography, I never really walked around Downtown Sacramento all that much.  Since picking up photography, I’ve explored a lot of Downtown Sacramento.  I occasionally explore and scout locations with my wife but most of the time it has been with my buddy Gary Brisco (https://gbriskblog.wordpress.com).

I was fortunate to meet Gary at my first “instameet” I attended at Temple Coffee.  We’ve been buddies ever since.  We’re both the same age and both share similar interests.  The awesome thing is that we both love street photography.  We’ve covered a lot of ground in Sacramento and San Francisco over these last two years and hopefully we’ll be able to continue our growth in street photography.

Trip to Toronto and Chicago


This past summer my wife and I were able to squeeze in a trip to Toronto and Chicago after shooting a wedding in Jacksonville, Florida.  I had some extra days to burn, so we managed to fit this trip into our plans.  Toronto and Chicago have been two cities I’ve wanted to visit since I’ve gotten into Instagram.  I follow some awesome photographers who were from these two awesome cities and because of them, I had to fit these cities into our travel plans for 2016.

henry-huynh-toronto-chicago-street-photographer-travel-travel-photography-street-street-photography-personal-photography-12henry-huynh-toronto-chicago-street-photographer-travel-travel-photography-street-street-photography-personal-photography-21  For Toronto, the main attraction for me was Niagara Falls.  We were able to see Niagara Falls in the daytime and during the evening, which was amazing.  While in Toronto, we visited the CN tower, Centre Island, Kensington Market, etc.  I was amazed by the amount of skyscrapers in Toronto.  One thing I like about Toronto is how diverse it is.  We always  enjoy sampling new food so when we got here, our eyes lit up.  Hopefully we’ll be able to return some time in the future.


After Toronto, we visited Chicago for three days.  We took the train from the airport to our hotel.  Our first steps on the Chicago streets made us realize how small we are in this world.  The buildings in Chicago are MASSIVE.  We took the architecture tour and loved it!  We were lucky to have our hotel next to Millennium Park.  It was one of our favorite places we saw in Chicago.  Millennium Park is known for The Bean, but my favorite part of the park was the fountains.  The pictures I took there were my favorite pics I took on this trip.


Between the two cities, Chicago will be the first city we’d return to.  We loved Toronto, but Chicago was awesome.  We felt that our stay was too short and there’s still so much more to see.  We always try to maximize our trips, squeeze in as many cities as we can in a small amount of time.  Hopefully Chicago will be on our itinerary for our next trip.



Streets of San Francisco

Being a street photographer in Sacramento, can be hard.  My buddy and I would walk 5 miles plus and come away with only 10 “money shots”.  I’ve tried to change my focus while on the street but I struggle to find the keepers.  Maybe I’m too stuck in my ways.  I can’t complain too much, especially when you’re with good company. 

Going to SF is my escape.  San Francisco is a bigger city with more “life”.  I usually come away a lot more keepers in SF than I would in Sacramento.  With street photography, I prefer to capture the wider scenes with lots of shadows, contrast, lines and angles.  I love using my Ricoh GR and Fuji X100t for street photography.  These cameras allow me to be more discreet and not disrupt the flow of Streetlife.  I’ve tried to go back and do street with my Nikon DSLR and I struggle to get the shots I would get with my too compact bodies. 

Of course while in San Francisco, you have to lookup. I like taking architecture photos almost as much as street.  I normally walk around with a 35mm so I try to make it work with my restrictions. 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Early this year, My wife and I traveled to Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand.  This was my first time flying over to Asia.  I never had a desire to travel to Vietnam, until I got into street photography.  Street photography makes me want to travel and see the world.  Our first stop in Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh City.

Street Photography, Vietnam, Travel Photography, Street, Travel, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Black and White Photography,_-12

Street Photography, Vietnam, Travel Photography, Street, Travel, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Black and White Photography,_-13Street Photography, Vietnam, Travel Photography, Street, Travel, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Black and White Photography,_-7

My first morning walking around Ho Chi Minh City, I knew that motorcycles will be the recurring theme in the photos I take on this trip.  It’s the most convenient form of transportation for these congested streets.

Street Photography, Vietnam, Travel Photography, Street, Travel, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Black and White Photography,_-17Street Photography, Vietnam, Travel Photography, Street, Travel, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Black and White Photography,_-2