Two Days in London

After our visit in Paris, we flew over to London. We had two days in London before we were off to see Venice. We stayed right in Piccadilly Square. 


Trafalgar Square was so packed during lunch time. 

We tried to squeeze as much as possible in the two days we stayed in London. There’s still so much more to see. Our most memorable meal was from The Little Viet Kitchen. Check it out! 


Trip to Paris

After our layover in New York, we arrived in Paris.  Paris is exactly how you pictured it from the movies and pictures.  It’s so beautiful there. The architecture is so awesome.  It’s a shame we only spent 3 days there as we had other cities on the ticket. 


12 Hours in New York

Hi, I’m Henry Huynh.  I’m from Sacramento, California.  Photography has been a new hobby for me this last year.  I picked it up to help my wife as a second shooter.  As I got into photography, I became really interested in street photography, so I decided to start this blog to display my photos.  You can also find me on Instagram: @hhhuynh or @the_other_huynh.

In September, my wife and I went on vacation.  Our destination was Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Barcelona and New York.  We are from Sacramento, California.  Before heading to Paris, we had a 12 hour layover in New York.  These are the photos I shot while in New York.