Bikes of Sacramento

I used to dread walking around Sacramento to do street photography.  My friend Gary and I would walk for hours and I would come away with only a few keepers.  I’m in good company so the walks aren’t as bad, but the problem is that I expect to get results like when I walk around San Francisco.  So instead of being disappointed in my lack of results, I decided to find something to focus on.  I used to bike a lot, so I wanted to focus on cyclists.

Focusing on cyclists means also capturing movement.  Panning is my favorite photography technique.  It takes a lot of practice and you’re more than likely to miss focus on a lot of shots, but it’s so rewarding when you nail focus.  With this technique, you have get a good feel of the pace of the subject.

For panning, my preference on shutter speed is about 1/15th when lighting permits.  Aperture and ISO depends on the time of day you’re shooting.  The main thing I focus on is shutter speed because it controls the motion blur.

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